Why I love holiday madness mixed with magic.


I’ve been going a tad bit crazy lately. These past two months we’ve had Thanksgiving, five birthdays, a number of school performances, holiday gift exchanges, and of course, Christmas is around the corner and Immabout to have a nervous breakdown along with a glass of champagne. Because I’ve been invited to a New Year’s shindig and I don’t fit into any of my sparkly dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, I like celebrating like the next person, but trying to keep up with parties, school plays, and even more crucial things like buying a Queen Poppy doll and BB-8 droid before they get swooped up can be be daunting.  Especially when there’s the holy grail of shopping: Black Friday; which I totally avoid like the plague because people die from that shit. At least get injured in this case. Usually at Wal-Mart.

Not to mention, I’m no fan of waiting in lines. Just ask m children. We rarely go to Disney and we live in Orlando. Anyway, I’ve opted for Cyber Monday, which is kinda like an episode of The Amazing Race where you are going as fast as you can to get to the checkout screen before some stealth-like shopper beats you to the finish line, snags all your items, and empties your shopping cart. Again.

And then there’s the glorious Elf on the Shelf. Ahhh, Jessica. That’s our elf’s name. “Love ya girl,” but man, you’re a bit of a diva. You need your entourage to move you around to a new location nightly.  God forbid, you get up and walk on your own.  Seriously. Your lack of effort has caused me to develop a pattern of insomnia.  Every morning, I wake up at 3:00 am in a sweat wondering if you’re out of the stocking and on the Christmas tree hanging like a trapeze artist doing new tricks like you’re performing in Cirque De Soleil.

 Can I have that champagne now, pretty please?

To be honest, all this holiday preparation has taken a toll on my psyche and my closet. It looks like a stock room at Target filled with items on the children’s aisle, and I keep ramping up on inventory.  I still have no idea where my navy blue flip-flops are, and frankly, I’ve lost track of what’s stashed away for Christmas.

I just might have to buy a new pair of shoes, but the thought of visiting another retail store causes me to have a slight panic attack. Then when I’m out in the madness again (because let’s face it, I can’t resist) amidst the hundreds of shoppers and holiday goers competing for parking spots and places in line, I take a look around and am reminded about all the special things happening while I plan for this one special day.

Besides the fact I get a free pass to go binge-shopping (which is really freaking cool), I love the madness mixed with magic…

I love that there’s really dedicated man dressed up in a thick, wooly red costume and a heavy beard while it’s 90 degrees outside (we live in Florida, people) trying to take pictures with small children so parents can look back at photos each year of their little darlings with big smiles, or in some cases, screaming their heads off, while visiting Mr. Claus.

I love listening to Christmas music– especially when my four-year-old daughter tells me “That’s not Frank Sam-a-tra singing, Mama. It’s Santa; yep listen, he’s Santa.”

I love drinking or just smelling Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. And that from November until the end of the year, there’s even pumpkin muffins, tarts, pies, possibly even Kale (I might’ve made that up); pumpkin everything!

I love that having an Elf on the Shelf makes my girls jump up in the morning and run through the house giggling when they find Jessica while the spirit of magic shines in their eyes.

I love seeing smiles on everyone’s faces (you too, Jessica, even though it’s painted on) while we hold hands around the dinner table and share our blessings.

I love that feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I give to others, because to me, it’s more special than receiving.

I love that being invited to a New Year’s party means I have the chance to ring in another year with people I’m grateful to have in my life.

And more importantly, I love celebrating the birth of Jesus and teaching my children the true meaning of Christmas.

So I’ll take the madness with the magic…because beneath it all, it makes me glow from the inside out.

Tell me your favorite part – or craziest, funniest, happiest moment – about the holidays in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Why I love holiday madness mixed with magic.

  1. My favorite part of Christmas is being with my family and watching them open gifts. I love to give gifts to them. I love watching the smiles on grandchildren’s faces and hearing squeals of delight as they receive their gifts. I love the Christmas carols and songs being sung by Como. Crosby and Elvis (I listen to the traditions station) Best of all is celebrating the birth of Christ without whom there would be no Christmas.

  2. For me I will always treasure my youth, my children and my grandchildren….. and of course all the extended family and friends….. I was the Baby of the family but my brothers always woke Me up on Christmas morning , they knew once I was up Everybody was up …. we would have so much fun… Christmas Day lasted practically all week, with visiting family and friends. Then came my wonderful life with My Children… There are just too many stories to tell… except one when they were all on the stairs to go up to bed and my brother banged on the wall and said ho ho ho and they were pushing and trying to pass each other on the stairs to get into bed… Then my very Special Angels my grandchildren….. they are my true Christmas and life gift…. the excitement , the anticipation , the gleem in their eyes, the elf on the shelf, songs, concerts and the never ending love… It is Jesus’ Birthday but he have truly Blessed me with so many gifts throughout my life…

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