Our Journey to Sun Valley Part 2


So here is part two of my Sun Valley story.  I bet your dying to find out what happened.  Or maybe curious; at least a teensy bit?  So, remember that guy I was telling you about who said: “I don’t want to get too excited?”  You know the one I flew out to Idaho with? The guy with the brown hair, who watched me drool on the flight…

Spoiler alert: he’s my husband.  Yes, that’s the dude who was feeling a bit reluctant when we started our trip.

Fast forward 8 hours of travel, scraping snow of the rental car windshield and we finally arrived in Idaho and went straight to dinner.  Amen.  Cause I was pre-hangry. So, we were trying to decide between the grilled cheese with bisque soup because the waiter said: “You can’t eat here without trying that,” or the steak and baked potatoes, because um, we’re in Idaho, and skipping the potatoes just feels wrong.

Then my husband perched his head above the menu as I impatiently awaited to hear what he was going to order and said: “I’m so excited.”

“For what, the soup or the potatoes?”

“For everything.”

“Ok, you have to pick something.”

“No, not the menu. I mean I’m excited about our new place, about the people here, the adventures with our family.  I can’t wait to go mountain biking, to take our girls hiking and come back during winter break and teach them how to ski. I’m excited about it all”.

I smiled.  A BIG smile.

This is the same guy that was all about hiding his excitement – which was the focus of my first article about our journey to Sun Valley.  But this day was different. We were preparing to see our potentially new place in the morning and he finally gave in and let all those beautiful emotions run wild. Honestly, I hadn’t seen this happy in a long time.  And he damn sure never talks this much.  I’m the one who jibber jabbers non-stop, but I’m Italian, so it’s kinda genetic.

The next morning, we got up before alarm went off because we just couldn’t sleep. Then we drove two hours to see the condo.

The anticipation was killing me!

We pulled up and rushed through the snow to get in the front door- thankfully without busting our butts on the icy road. And there it was.  The place we had only seen in pictures. The fireplace was lit, and we looked through these giant windows at the trees and snow in the backyard.  We walked from room to room and then met each other back downstairs.

It felt like a dream but it was real.

Then we looked at each other and told the realtor “It’s perfect.”  Without hesitation, we signed the paperwork and three weeks later, we closed on our new summer home.

I’m elated to say our excitement was worth it in every way…

The hope, the journey, exploring a possibility that seemed out of reach, but one that’s finally in our hands. We still pinch ourselves every single day and relive that very feeling of excitement…because it was an emotion that inspired us to take a journey that will stay with us forever.

Ever go on a journey that made you really excited?  Or do something so fun it makes you smile every time you think of it?  Tell me in the comments below!

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