When Anytime Is The Right Time.

I’m a firm believer in signs.  My best friend and I use to ride our bikes to the Polar Cup in the 5th grade and stop and look at the clouds at each red light to see if we’d get any inspiration for the day.

As I got older I felt like they happened more often.  One day, I was at the chiropractor making small talk about my everlasting stomach aches while my doctor cracked my back, then she reached over on her desk and handed me a pamphlet about a supplement and it had angels on it.  I took that as another sign.

It get’s even better.

Last month, I finally set up my fitness tracker- it was an UP 2 by Jawbone –  that was sitting in my dresser drawer from Christmas a year ago  I never set up the UP because of a variety of excuses.

The first excuse was that I couldn’t get back into any kind of exercising due to a repeat offender ankle injury.  I was in a walking boot the second time around for another 3 months, so what’s the point? Why do ab exercises or upper body when you should be taking it easy?  (Excuses, excuses.)

The second excuse was because I just wasn’t quite ready.  I was at physical therapy doing specific exercises instructed by my therapist and a common thought running through my brain was: “Maybe I should wait to get back into a regular routine until I’m done with this?”

And the third excuse was because my new normal of working out was to avoid high impact aerobics and my super awesome Beach Body 21-Day Fix Dirty Thirty workout. I had to start improvising and try something new. Not to mention, I had no friends to motivate me and I kept telling myself once I had all these elements in order I’d definitely get going.

Then one day I saw my UP2 staring up at me amongst receipts and jewelry in my top drawer.  I took it out, read the directions, then synced it to my phone. Immediately after that, mother nature was calling and I headed to the bathroom. The second I flushed the toilet I heard “CLANK” and down the bowl the UP went.

Yup, I took that as a sign, too.

At first I thought it was a sign that maybe I didn’t need to count my steps or monitor my heart rate? But as my UP swirled down the drain, I believed my latest sign to something far more meaningful than that.

A sign that “anytime is the right time” to start doing something.

That I didn’t need to depend on something else to motivate me.  That I needed to dig deeper and find strength within.  That I was the one accountable for my wants, hopes and dreams; not anyone or anything else.  I’m not knocking a fitness tracker, support groups, or tools to that help you achieve your goals. They are important and often necessary. Besides, I actually still want to get another tracker because I think they are pretty awesome and I’d like the new one with the rose gold wristband, please.

But here’s the thing, often times in life we wait for something or someone else to take us to the next level of fulfillment. 

It’s like needing the boyfriend to make us feel loved, or the new dress and sparkly heels to help us feel sexy, when reality is, all of that starts from inside.

We have to reach for it first before it can be present in the eyes of others.

In some cases, we keep our lives on pause, just waiting and waiting for the right time. When is that time?

I decided not to replace my fancy new fitness tracker until after I could get up and start an exercise routine on my own. Until I could make a commitment to myself first, and until I realized that I had the power and dedication to get healthy without waiting for the right time, right place, right workout buddy or right anything else.

I finally feel a connection with an internal desire to be in charge of what happens next.  And I’m  holding my own hand every step of the way because I realize I have the power to keep myself going.

Last week I joined the gym. I walked in a bit nervous and fiddled with the weights, probably looking a bit clumsy, and struggled doing rep after rep. I wore my old tattered yoga pants and a plain Jane t-shirt with my hair stuffed into a brown clip. I didn’t have that beloved fitness tracker I had yet to experience or even a workout partner to help me measure what I accomplished, because I accomplished something bigger than those things combined:  I stopped worrying about having everything just right so I could start something new.

Anytime is the right time to begin a new journey.  Let that time be now.

Ever talked yourself out of doing something that you wanted to try?  Or convinced yourself it wasn’t time to make that leap? Tell me in the comments below!

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