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Meet Christina: Leaving an eating disorder behind and finding a new life ahead.

Nicole Hardy

Posted on June 27 2018

Recently I received a message on Instagram. I get all kinds of messages from people these days. Some asking me to check out their IG page and follow them, others asking to do social media collaborations, and some send awesome pics in their super cute She Emerges' clothing (I love those btw).

This time I got a message from Christina. She reached out and said she loved the brand's message and was all about empowering women.  Pretty cool, I thought to myself. 

She had seen a local celebrity (the amazing Marissa from XL.106.7 music station in Orlando ) wearing a She Emerges shirt. Also pretty cool. (Ok, really cool!)  Then she told me a little about herself in a follow up message which I thought was nice. Most times, people just cut to the chase and say "Wanna collab??"  Not Christina. She wanted me to learn more about who she was, her journey and why a potential partnership was meaningful to her.

I learned that Christina is a recovering bulimic who is taking back her life in a very healthy way. She had launched a health and wellness blog to inspire women to become body positive with the hopes that sharing her story would help make a difference in the lives of others who experienced the same struggles.

Then Christina asked to collaborate with She Emerges and share the brand with her followers because it completely aligned with her goals. Without a doubt I said "Hell yeah!"

Her story and her positive energy hit a nerve with me.  

Many females feel insecurities about their bodies sometime or another in life.  My daughter is going through it as a preteen. "I have to wear a whaaaat?" she said. "A bra?!! Ugh." 

Completely opposite from my daughter's feelings about a bra, I contemplated needing a bigger one in college when my roommate got a new pair of boobs and I was wondering if mine needed a serious upgrade? Because dang, hers looked ah-mazing! (I didn't get the boobs, though. Still have the same little ones.)

And of course, there's the post-baby weight that clings to your body like cement especially since you're no longer in your 20's. Suddenly, going to the beach isn't as awesome as it used to be because the pretty bikini is now my nemesis and if my daughter posts another photo of me in the background of one of her #funinthesun selfies I'm going to ground her from using her phone on day trips to the beach. (Just kidding; maybe.)  :)

But I still have my best friend to keep me on task. We go to yoga classes when it works out with our schedule, and we text each other that "get off your butt message" with the coolest Bitmoji we can find for the day to keep one another laughing and accountable.

But Christina had a different situation.  She had a “friend” that would steer her in the opposite direction.  Sadly, she headed down a long painful path struggling with an eating disorder.

As a young child she was called the chubby kid and was always struggling with here weight.  As she got older, she was completely done with all of the teasing and decided to start Jenny Craig.  To her absolutely happiness,  the pounds fell off. But that “friend” of hers (aka an unsupportive person with damaging words) told her she’d always be fat. 

Bye Felicia—this is not how we lift each other up.

Sadly, Christina spent years spiraling out of control from an eating disorder to have the appearance others would believe made her beautiful.  But she was already beautfiul. Beautiful on the inside and the outside in a body that was hers in every way.  

 Unfortunately, she allowed bulimia and the outside perceptions of how “beautiful looked’ to own her.

“From the outside everyone saw me as this smart, confident girl that had it all, when in all reality I was rotting inside. I would cry myself to sleep all the time and would keep telling myself “tomorrow you will stop” but tomorrow never came."    -Christina 

One day the inevitable happened…her body was affected by the forceful vomiting and she suffered a ruptured appendix. Christina needed surgery. But even as she was recovering in the hospital, she would eat mashed potatoes and go to the bathroom to purge. This opened up the wound in her body and the emotional wound she no longer wanted to posses.

This was her rock bottom. But the bottom slowly lifted her up.

Christina came clean to her family about her bulimia. And with their support and the help from others she started her road to recovery and a healthy journey.

She is truly an example of a woman emerging. Emerging into a place of peace, confidence and happiness  and inspiring others to be comfortable in their own skin.  Now that's the definition of beautiful.

Read more about her story and how she’s changing her life and others around her at She's crazy excited about encouraging self-love!