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Our Summer Partnership with SheJumps Means Some Serious Fun!

Nicole Hardy

Posted on June 22 2018

It's summer, people! And what most of us want to do is throw our work in our desks and get outside. Because it's sunny out and nature has been calling us to put away our cell phones, tablets, and all of our other addictive distractions that keep us from exploring what's around us. 

Now, we may want to bring that phone to take some selfies, because who are we kidding, summer vacays are always shareworthy (and we look great in a tan!)

But more than that, we don't need a vacation to step out and have some fun. 

That's why we've partnered with an awesome organization called SheJumps to provide gear for their summer raffles.This organization is at the top of our list for summer and year-round fun. Their sole mission is to get women and girls to participate in outdoor activities. To learn, grow and explore by connecting with nature and enjoying the outdoors.

My favorite quote from their site is this:

"We are here to create and share the new ‘cover girls;’ the new inspiration of what it means to ‘jump’ to reach your highest potential." -SheJumps

I mean how rad is that??!

SheJumps has events around the country so check them out at and see what all this amazing stuff is about!